Final Fantasy XV Can be a Top Priority With regard to Square Enix And is Far Into Development.

The finish of the 8 yr development of Final Fantasy XV may very well be closer than we think according to Square Enix maker Yoshinori Kitase.

Within a recent interview, Kitase mentioned that they believes the next installment with the Final Fantasy series is reasonably far into their development and guarantees fans that it is one of the company’s top focal points.

“We can’t give an excessive amount information but certainly considering Final Fantasy XV, it may not be as if it really is in competition along with Kingdom Hearts 3 with regard to resources or anything that adheres to that, ” stated Kitase. With that being said though, Kitase mentioned that it doesn’t mean Kingdom Hearts 3 is receiving any less consideration either.

Kitase also mentioned how the game would nevertheless be within the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology despite no longer carrying the Final Fantasy XIII title.

“Even though it may not be necessarily the exact same universe or a similar game, they’re all connected and underpinned through the backdrop of that will legend, ” continuing Kitase. “Now it’s moved on – obviously the particular title’s been modified to Final Fantasy XV – however that hasn’t actually changed. ”

Still no word on when we will actually become seeing this beauty, but hopefully any release date statement for Final Fantasy XV will come eventually.