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DUTY COMMENCED – Episode 1 IS Now Online


Missed from last week’s RESPONSIBILITY COMMENCED? No have to worry! We are thrilled to inform you which the archived video has become available for the viewing pleasure!

What sort of “hot scoops” as well as “heads ups” would the NA Local community Team reveal? Exactly what do these keyword phrases even mean?


Final Fantasy producer says subscriptions still make or break MMO’s

A Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn producer said developers switch over to free-to-play for a “quick buck.”

Square Enix believes that a subscription model is a better long term solution than free-to-play for supporting a massively multiplayer online games like Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn.

“A lot of games look at the first two months of subscription numbers, think that’s not going to be a feasible business, and switch over to free-to-play,” producer on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Naoki Yoshida told GamesIndustry International. “I don’t think it’s necessarily because free-to-play is a better form, though. It’s more about people making a rash decision to switch over and chase a quick buck.”

Yoshida explained that subscription-based route provides a stable flow of income that allows Square Enix to keep good developers on staff, who can update the game and make it better. He added that players might not like paying for subscriptions, but that with free-to-play, developers need to design content with potential revenue sources in mind. “It brings up a question of who we’re making happy in the end,” Yoshida said.

Beast Tribe Quest Preview Patch 2.2

With adventurers having made diplomatic inroads with peace-loving factions of the Amalj’aa and sylph tribes, patch 2.2 will give players a closer look into the inner workings of Sahagin and kobold society.

Beast Tribe Vendors
Complete beast tribe quests and raise your reputation, and you will be able to purchase various items from the kobold and Sahagin vendors.